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Don Halligan, CMI

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Proudly Serving Fort Dodge and Surrounding Areas Since 2010

What's That Funky Smell?

If you have had dampness in your home, you know that mold smells awful, you’ve even cleaned it off and the smell still lingers.

Could be that you have a problem with hidden mold behind walls, under cabinets or in a crawlspace or attic. I can help you identify those areas of concern so you can knock out that funky smell as well as the damage it causes and potential health issues associated with mold spores.

Air fresheners may cover up that funky smell but they don’t make it go away. Call me today for your first step toward an odor free home. I can perform a complete mold inspection identifying those areas where moisture may be a problem allowing mold to grow. Air testing is one of the most important first steps of this process and it confirms the presence of elevated mold spores in your home and a complete mold inspection will help identify those areas that need to be addressed for a healthy home environment.

Moisture and Mold

Moisture and mold formation are two of the most problematic issues inside a home that will affect the value of your home and the quality of life for those who with allergies or asthma. 

I can Help

I offer a complete mold inspection service that will test the air inside your home for the presence of mold spores. Samples are sent to an independent laboratory and the type of spore and their concentration is identified. Surface samples are taken and analyzed of any suspect areas. In addition a complete home analysis is done to determine where mold issues may exist.